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About jeremy Perez

Biography :

Jeremy Perez is a self-taught photographer with an insatiable sense of adventure. Born in the sun-soaked south of France, his parents instilled in him a love of photography from a young age. As he grew, Jeremy's fascination with the art form deepened. He surrounded himself with photography magazines and spent countless hours in the darkroom with his father, developing black and white photos.

In 1995, Jeremy's thirst for knowledge led him to explore the world of Adobe Photoshop III. With a passion for crafting the perfect shot and an unrelenting desire to learn, Jeremy set out on an adventure that would take him around the globe. His travels were a chance to immerse himself in new cultures, improve his English, and hone his craft.

Through his lens, Jeremy captures the beauty and diversity of the world. His constantly evolving portfolio can be found on Facebook and Instagram, where his photographs transport viewers to far-flung corners of the earth. His work is not only a feast for the eyes but also a smart investment, adding value to any collection.

Jeremy's love for adventure continues to inspire him, driving him to seek out new landscapes and cultures to capture in his photographs. Whether scaling mountains, traversing deserts, or exploring dense jungles, Jeremy's passion for photography is unwavering. Purchase his artwork directly through his website and take a piece of adventure home with you.

My gear

Sony alpha 7IV
16 – 35mm 4.5 Zeiss
24mm 2.8 G
80mm 1.8 Sony G
200 – 600mm Sony 5.6 6.3 G OSS
Aquatech water housing
Drone Dji Mavic mini 3 Pro
DJI Action 4